Colouring Book – Final Blends (UK)



Colouring Book – Final Blends: The final blends colouring book contains 50 coloring pages and 2 cover pages. The cover page is saved in colour and black and white.

The final blends colouring book contains the following pages: Ct – insect, inspect and pact. Ft – left, lift and raft. Lb – bulb. Ld – gold, hold and sold. Lf – elf, golf and wolf. Lk – sulk, talk and walk. Lm – film. Lp – gulp, help and scalp. Lt – bolt, salt and wilt. Mp – bump, dump and hump. Nd – band, bend and pond. Nt – hunt, mint and plant. Pt – adopt, crept and wept. Ng – bang, hang and wing. Nk – link, sink and wink. Sp – clasp, gasp and wasp. Sk – desk, disk and mask. St – list, lost and roast.

Please note that this is not clip art and images may not be removed and used in your own resources.

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