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Idioms included: Butterflies in your stomach; open a can of worms; a penny for your thoughts; cry over spilled milk; like a fish out of water; frog in your throat; head in the clouds, hold your horses; all ears; be in the same boat; piece of cake; raining cats and dogs; sick as a dog; time flies; walking on eggshells; when pigs fly; two heads are better than one, two peas in a pod; get cold feet; an arm and a leg; break a leg; the class clown; couch potato; a drop in the bucket; at the end of your rope; under the weather; kill two birds with one stone; let the cat out of the bag; a needle in a haystack; miss the boat; on cloud 9; you can’t judge a book by its cover, zip your lips; speak of the devil; at the drop of a hat; steal someone’s thunder; the last straw; bigger fish to fry; count one’s chickens before they hatch; put all one’s eggs in one basket; once in a blue moon, on the ball, taste of one’s own medicine; snowed under; a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; hear it on the grapevine; time is money; straight from the horse’s mouth; burn the midnight oil; pull someone’s leg; hit the sack; break the ice; spill the beans; leave no stone unturned; pull the wool over one’s eyes; hot potato; barking up the wrong tree; the elephant in the room, take a rain check; comparing apples and oranges; cut corners, hit the nail on the head, let sleeping dogs lie; on the fence; the early bird gets the worm; beat around the bush; storm in a teacup and burn one’s bridges.

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