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Flashcards – Daily Routines: The Daily Routines flashcards pack contains 36 double-sided flashcards and a time map. The clock hands have been saved on a separate page and need to be attached to the clock.

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Flashcards included:

1. Wake up
2. Get up
3. Make my bed
4. Comb my hair
5. Take a shower
6. Get dressed
7. Dry my hair
8. Get undressed
9. Brush my teeth
10. Wash my face
11. Brush my hair
12. Eat breakfast
13. Go to school
14. Eat a snack
15. Go home
16. Eat lunch
17. Do my homework
18. Exercise
19. Wash the dishes
20. Stretch
21. Clean the house
22. Do laundry
23. Watch television
24. Read a book
25. Eat dinner
26. Take a bath
27. Put on pajamas
28. Go to sleep
29. Go to bed
30. Shave
31. Drive
32. Go shopping
33. Go to work
34. Make food
35. Put on makeup
36. Blank card


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