Clip Art – Homophones Bundle

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This set contains 80 images (40 in color and the same 40 in line art – some images have been duplicated in various colors and have been added as extras). The images are saved at 300dpi in PNG files.

*Please note: the words around the images are not included in the download. Files contain images only.

For personal and/or commercial use. Credit is not necessary on commercial products, but it is much appreciated. Please read the terms of use before purchasing this clip art bundle.

* Please download a preview for terms of use.

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36 MB

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Zip file


Images included in Homophones pack 1: affect/effect, ate/eight, bare/bear (2 versions for “bare” as my nephew said “eeewwww! I can see her bum!” And got all shy), cent/scent/sent, flour/flower, foul/fowl, guessed/guest, paws/pause, peace/piece and ring/wring.

Images included in Homophones pack 2: hair/hare, meat/meet, one/won, pain/pane (pane saved with and without and arrow), pair/pare/pear (shoes saved in pink and blue), peak/peek, read/reed, root/route, sea/see (sea saved with and without an arrow) and toe/tow.



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