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The Post Office role play pack is designed for a high beginner level student but can be adjusted to suit the needs of your students.

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This pack includes:
Post Office Role Play Worksheet – To be filled in during the role play session.
12 Role Play Cards.
2 Postal Rates Sheets – One for letters and postcards and one for packages.
Customer and Clerk Duty Cards.
3 Post Office Signs – Operation hours, pay here and help desk.
Post Office Dialogs – Postcard, letter and package.
Receipts – Students to fill in delivery method, expected delivery, payment, and tracking number.
3 Envelope DIY Templates – Airmail (color and black and white) and normal mail.
Package Tags – Airmail (color and black and white) and normal mail.
Stamps – 3 x 25c, 50c, 1$, 2$ and $3. (In color and black and white)
Design your own stamp template.
Postcard template.
2 Letter templates.


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