Clip Art - Beginning Blends Bundle

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Clip Art - Beginning Blends Bundle: This bundle contains all of the images shown - 218 images (114 in color and 110 in black and white). The images are saved at 300 dpi in PNG files.

Please note that the file contains images only. The words around the pictures are not included in the download.

For personal and/or commercial use. Please read the terms of use before purchasing this clip art bundle.

This is a Zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open Zip files.

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Images included:
Bl - blast, blend, and blow.
Br - brag, brim (saved with and without the arrow), and bring.
Cl - clam, cliff, and climb.
Cr - crab, crack, and crop.
Dr - drag, drip, and drum.
Fl - flap, flat, and flip.
Fr - frill, frost, and fry.
Gl - glass, glasses, and glue.
Gr - grill, grip (saved in 2 skin tones), and grub.
Pl - planet, plug, and plum.
Pr - pram, pray, and press (saved in 2 skin tones).
Tr - tram, trap, and trim.
Tw - twig, twin, and twist.
Sc - scale, scan, and scare.
Sk - skip, skull, and skunk.
Sl - sled, slip, and slug.
Sm - smash, smell, and smog.
Sn - snack, snap (saved in 2 skin tones), and sniff.
Sp - spill, spin, and spot.
St - stamp, stop, and stump.
Sw - swan, swim, and switch - on and off.
There is a word art image and a character art image for each blend.


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