Clip Art – Long U Bundle

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This set contains 124 images – 62 in color and 62 in black and white. The images are saved at 300dpi in PNG files.

* Please note: the words around the images are not included in the download. Files contain images only.

For personal and/or commercial use. Credit is not necessary on commercial products, but it is much appreciated. Please read the terms of use before purchasing this clip art bundle.

This is a Zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open Zip files.

*Please download a preview for the terms of use.

© English Unite 2018



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46 MB

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Zip file


Images in pack 1 (u_e): costume, cube, dune, flute, fortune, fume, fuse, June, mute, tube, tune and u-e word art.

Images included in pack 2 (ue): barbecue, clue, cue, fondue, fuel, glue, rescue, statue, tissue and ue word art.

Images include in pack 3 (ew): blew, cashew, chew, crew, drew, few (image saved with and without an arrow), jewel, news, screw, stew, view and ew word art.

Images included in pack 4 (oo): boot (saved in pink and blue), hoof, hoop, moose, noon, poodle, roof, root, shampoo (saved with and without the word shampoo), spoon, tooth and oo word art.

Images included in pack 5 (ui): bruise, cruise, fruit, juice, suit, suitcase, swimsuit and ui word art.

Images included in pack 6 (other spellings): cupid, music, unicorn, unicycle, uniform (boy and girl), university, utensil (3 different images) and 2 word art images (open syllables and other spellings).



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