Clip Art - Paired Adjectives Bundle

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Clip Art - Adjectives Bundle: The bundle contains 416 images (208 in color and the same 208 in black and white). The images are saved at 300 dpi in PNG files.
Please see the description below for a detailed list of included images.
Please note: the words around the images are not included in the download. Files contain images only.
Please see the description below to see a detailed description of what is included in the bundle.
For personal and/or commercial use. Please read the terms of use before purchasing this clip art bundle.
This is a Zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open Zip files.

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Included in the bundle:
Adjectives Pack 1 - Quantity: none, few, some, several, many, all, little, and much (saved as shown and as the jars only). Counting hands, from zero to five in two skin tones. (The hands have also been saved as mirror images).
Adjectives Pack 2 - Opinion: good, better, best, bad, worse, worst, evil, important, poor, pretty (saved as shown and without the words), rich, ugly (saved as shown and as an image of the sweater only), useful, and useless.
Adjectives Pack 3 - Emotion: angry, disgust, envy, excitement, fear, happiness, love, sadness, surprise, and trust.
Adjectives Pack 4 - Personality: brave, clever, cowardly, dishonest, friendly, funny, hard-working, honest, imaginative, and vain.
Adjectives Pack 5 - Sound: high pitch, hum, loud, low pitch, noisy, quiet, shout, soft, speechless, squeaky (saved as shown and without the "eeeek"), talkative, and whisper.
Adjectives Pack 6 - Taste: bitter, bland, crunchy, greasy, hot, salty, savory, sour, spicy, and sweet.
Adjectives Pack 7 - Size/Weight: big, broad, gigantic, heavy, light, narrow, short, small, tall, thick, thin, and wide.
Adjectives Pack 8 - Smell: burnt, chemical, fishy, floral, fresh, odorless, perfumes, rotten, smelly, smokey, sour, and sweaty.
Adjectives Pack 9 - Speed: brisk, crawl, express, fast, quick, rush, slow (saved as shown and as an image of the snail only), and speeding.
Adjectives Pack 10 - Temperature: boiling, cold, cool, freezing, hot, warm, and a thermometer.
Adjectives Pack 11 - Age: adult, aged, ancient, antique, classic, junior, modern, new, old, teenager, toddler, and young.
Adjectives Pack 12 - Distance: deep, distant, far, long, near, remote, shallow, and short.
Adjectives Pack 13 - Shape: heart, heart face shape, hexagon, octagon, oval, oval face shape, pentagon, rectangle, rectangular face shape, round, round face shape, square, square face shape, star, triangle, and triangular face shape.
Adjectives Pack 14 - Color: black, blond, blue, brown, ginger, gray, green, polka-dotted, rainbow, red, white, and yellow.
Adjectives Pack 15 - Time: afternoon, belated, delayed, early, first (saved with and without an arrow), last, late (saved as shown and without the words 'bus stop'), morning, night, and punctual.
Adjectives Pack 16 - Origin: American, American flag, Australian, Australian flag, British, British flag, Chinese, Chinese flag, French, French flag, German, German flag, Italian, Italian flag, Russian, Russian flag, Northern (saved as shown and without the arrow), and Southern.
Adjectives Pack 17 - Material: concrete, cotton (saved as shown and as an image of the cotton only), glass (saved as shown and as an image of the glass only), leather (saved as shown and as an image of the leather wallet only), metal, paper (saved as shown and as an image of the paper only), plastic, rubber (saved as shown and as an image of the duck only), silicon (saved as shown and as an image of the utensil only), and wood.
Adjectives Pack 18 - Purpose: cooking (utensils), folding (chairs - open and closed), gardening (tools), hiking (boots), racing (car), roasting (tray), rolling (pin), sleeping (bag), swinging (doors), and walking (stick).


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