Coloring Book – Beginning Blends



Coloring Book – Beginning Blends: The beginning blends coloring book contains 63 coloring pages and 2 cover pages. The cover page is saved in color and black and white.

Please note that this is not clip art and images may not be removed and used in your own resources.

This resource comes with a single user license and may not be reproduced, resold, redistributed or altered in any form.

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Pages included:

Bl – blast, blend and blow.
Br – brag, brim and bring.
Cl – clam, cliff and climb.
Cr – crab, crack and crop.
Dr – drag, drip and drum.
Fl – flap, flat and flip.
Fr – frost, frill and fry.
Gl – glass, glasses and glue.
Gr – grill, grip and grub.
Pl – planet, plug and plum.
Pr – pram, pray and press.
Tr – tram, trap and trim.
Tw – twig, twin and twist.
Sc – scale, scan and scare.
Sk – skip, skull and skunk.
Sl – sled, slip and slug.
Sm – smash, smell and smog.
Sn – snack, snap and sniff.
Sp – spill, spin and spot.
St – stamp, stop and stump.
Sw – swan, swim and switch.


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