Coloring Book – Verbs



The Verbs coloring book contains 71 pages and 2 cover pages. The cover page is saved in color and black and white.

Pages included: admire, ask, behave, break, bring, build, can, can’t, catch, choose, clap, clean, climb, close, cut, dance, deliver, drink, fall, feed, fill, find, fly, get, give, grow, hate, help, ignore, imagine, introduce, investigate, leave, lend, listen, look, lose, love, melt, obey, offer, pay, pick, play, protect, quit, run, scratch, send, show, sing, sit, sleep, solve, spell, stand, stretch, swim, talk, teach, think, throw, touch, wait, walk, want, warn, wash, watch and write.

Please note that this is not clip art and images may not be removed and used in your own resources.

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