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a_e – snake (image), ace, date and tape.

ai – snail (image), aim, nail and train,

ay – tray (image), clay, pay and stay.

long a open syllables – alien (image), acorn, lazy and radio.

long a other spellings – ballet (image), steak, survey and weight.

ee – wheel (image), peel, sneeze and speed.

ea – leak (image), cheat, sea and tea.

e_e – delete (image), athlete, complete and these.

ey – monkey (image), donkey, honey and key.

y – berry (image), carry, family and puppy.

long E open syllables – he (image), me, she and we.

long E other spellings – ski (image), field, marine and receipt.

i_e – bike (image), bite, file and ice.

igh – light (image), fight, high and night.

y as an i – cry (image), dry, fly and ski.

long i open syllable – tiger (image), idea, silent and spider.

long i other spellings – find (image), diamond, pie and type.

o_e – bone (image), cone, joke and nose.

oa – goat (image), oak, road and throat.

ow – tow (image), blow, elbow and throw.

long o open syllables – hotel (image), focus, go and hello.

long o other spellings – doe (image), ghost, post and sew.

u_e – flute (image), cube, fume and June.

ue – glue (image), clue, statue and tissue.

ew – screw (image), chew, few and news.

oo – roof (image), boot, spoon and tooth.

ui – fruit (image), bruise, juice and suit.

long o other spellings – unicorn (image), music, uniform and utensil.



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