Resource Bundle – Silent Letters



Resource Bundle – Silent Letters: This flashcards pack contains a set of flashcards and a coloring book.

Words included: aisle, align, answer, artistically, ascend, asthma, Autumn, badge, ballet, biscuit, bomb, bone, bride, bridge, build, building, butter, calf, calm, chalk, champagne, chimney, chocolate, choir, climb, colonel, column, comb, crescent, crumb, cupboard, debris, debt, descend, doubt, edge, fasten, finger, flute, foreigner, ghost, gnaw, gnome, government, guard, guess, guest, guide, guilty, guitar, half, handkerchief, handsome, hedge, high, honest, hour, hymn, island, knee, kneed, knife, knight, knit, knob, knock, knot, know, knuckle, lake, lamb, ledge, light, limb, logically, make, match, muscle, musically, numb, often, palm, phone, plumber, psychic, psychologist, raspberry, receipt, resign, rhino, rhyme, romantically, salmon, sandwich, scene, scent, school, science, scissors, scratch, sign, slice, soften, sophomore, stalk, surprise, sword, talk, theme, these, thistle, through, thumb, tongue, tune, walk, wedge, Wednesday, where, while, whistle, white, who, whole, witch, wrap, wrinkle, wrist, write, wrong, wrote, and yolk.

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