Coloring Book – Long Vowels



Coloring Book – Long Vowels: The long vowels coloring book contains 84 coloring pages and 2 cover pages. The cover page is saved in color and black and white.

The coloring book contains the following pages:

Long a – acorn, agent, aim, alien, ballet, blame, bouquet, paint, race, snail, snake, spray, stay, tray and veil.
Lone e – achieve, athlete, berry, carry, cheat, delete, family, greed, he, hockey, leak, me, monkey, reach, secret, ski, sweep, these, thief, turkey and wheel.
Long i – bike, bite, buy, cry, find, fright, hide, high, idea, light, pie, silent, tiger, try and type.
Long o – bone, choke, doe, float, ghost, go, goat, hotel, joke, protect, row, sew, throat, throw and tow.
Long u – chew, costume, cupid, flute, fortune, fruit, glue, juice, moose, news, poodle, rescue, roof, screw, statue, suit, unicorn and uniform.

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