Clip Art - CVC Words Bundle

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Clip Art - CVC Words Bundle: This bundle contains all of the images shown - 150 images (75 in color, and the same 75 in black and white). The images are saved at 300 dpi in transparent PNG files.

Please see the description below for a detailed list of all the images included in this bundle.

For personal and/or commercial use. Please read the terms of use before downloading this clip art bundle.

This is a Zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open Zip files.

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Images included from the cvc short a pack: cab, cap, cat, dad, ham, lab, mad, man, nap, pat, sad, tab, tag, tan, and wag.
Images included from the cvc short e pack: bed, beg, bet, den, fed, gem, hem, leg, men, met, peg, set, ten, wed, and wet.
Images included from the cvc short i pack: bib, bin, dip, fig, fin, fit, hit, lid, pig, rim (saved as shown and without the tire), rip, sit, tip (saved as shown and without the arrow), wig, and win.
Images included from the cvc short o pack: cob, dog, dot, fog, fox, hop, hot, job, mom, mop, pot (saved as shown and with a lid), rob, rot, sob, and won.
Images included from the cvc short u pack: bud, bun, cub, cup, dug, hum, hut, mud, pup (saved as shown and an image with the pup only), rub, rug (saved as shown and an image of the rug only), run, sum, tug, and tug.

More cvc - words included in the alphabet bundle

Short a: bad, bag, bat, can, cat, dad, dam, fan, gas, gap, hat, jam, map, mat, pan, rat, tap, van, and zap.
Short e: hen, jet, net, pen, pet, vet, web, and yes.
Short i: dig, hit, kit, lip, pin, tin, win, fix, and zip.
Short o: box, cot, dog, fox, hop, log, mop, not, pop, and top.
Short u: bug, bus, cup, cut, fun, gum, gun, hug, jug, mug, nun, nut, and sun.


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